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Atakent Nevi Konutları

Atakent Panorama Launching

Ataseven Group said ‘’Now It’s Your Turn İzmir’’ with Atakent Panorama House Project.


Ataseven Group added İzmir to its house projects after Ankara and İstanbul. Launching of the apple of Ataseven Group’s eye, Atakent Panorama İzmir House Project was held on Sunday, March 18.


Lots of distinguished guests from Ankara and İzmir participated in the launching held at Atakent Panorama Liaison Office on Sunday, March 18. The opening speech of Atakent İzmir Panorama Project Launching was made by Mr. Fuat Ataseven, Vice President of the Ataseven Group’s Executive Board, and caught the public imagination.


In his speech, Fuat Ataseven told that: ‘’We, as Ataseven Group, are a respected company taking place in all fields of life with projects creating value from past to today and with the achievements we gained on national and international scales and our quality standing which we have never compromised since 1992. We produced significant projects in the fields of energy, construction, mining, and electricity wholesale in 25 years. The first house project we conducted in İzmir as Ataseven Group is Atakent Panorama İzmir Project. We left behind our apprenticeship and mastership stages with tens of house projects we implemented in Ankara and İstanbul and presented our professionalism work to beautiful people of beautiful İzmir.’’


Chairman of the Executive Board, Mr. Mustafa Serdar Ataseven signalled upcoming new projects by saying ‘’This is the first but not last project in İzmir’’ in his speech.


Atakent Panorama İzmir project is a result of the intense and meticulous works for months by the expert teams in their fields. In the launching, Mr. Bertan Korkmaz, General Manager of Ataseven Group Construction announced the delivery date of the first stage of the project as December 2019 in his speech about the construction process of the project.


One of the founders of Dayı Mimarlık which gave the project its soul with its designs, Architect Mr. Aykut Dayı shared the general information about the project with us: ‘’We designed a building area of 17,087 m2 and a landscape area of 14,000 m2meeting with peaceful and enjoyable fully 3+1 flats in two different types consisting of 5 blocks where luxury and comfort combine and where is suitable to all living styles at best with its beauties and opportunities on the top of the Gulf of İzmir.’’ And Architect Ms. Dilek Dayı expressed that: ‘’We reflected the values encouraging the residents to be together with broad social activity areas meeting the needs of İzmir’s people who like socialising and value differences’’ and gave hints about the living style in Atakent Panorama.


In his speech about launching advantages of the project, Atakent Panorama Sales Manager Mr. Turgay Seyhan shared the information that the ones who want to buy a house will save an amount of between 25 thousand and 33 thousand on the dates of March 18 and April 1.


The launching witnessing colourful images of the Atakent Panorama Family consisting of Atakent Panorama Cast Players entertained the guests all day with Dj Mano’s performance. Ataseven Group gave the message of ‘’Listen to Your Heart, Now It’s Your Turn’’ to all İzmir.




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